EPITERMA has grown rapidly since it established in 1987, we have proven track record of having participate in many mining project mainly overseas. We have experience for over 26 years in mining project and we are still focusing in developing our core of competency in mining project in order to be able to compete in Globalization market.


A standard steel fabrication workshop consists of a shed with give total workshop area more than 22.000 m2 and all facilities for fabricating all kinds of steel. It includes, steel drilling, punching, forming, welding, rolling, sandblasting, plasma cutting and painting. It can be used in making structural steel and equipment. Such as, Flats, Angles, T Bars, Channels, Posts, Universal Beams & Columns, Sub Floor Access Doors, Wide Flange Columns and Beams, structural HSS and channel shapes, welded wide -ange, deep grider beams, open web steel joists, etc. Our workshop is equipped with overhead cranes with capacity of 20 tons.


Strong Commitment

We want our partners to be in business for the long term, and the way we do that is through mutual value creation. We recognized product service quality is the only one component of customersai??i?? value & we strive to be to be responsible dedicated & committed to providing products and services engineered to be at a level of quality which will best our customers grow and proper.