Company’s Profile

Company’s Profile

EPITERMA has grown rapidly since it established in 1987, we have proven track record of having participate in many mining project mainly overseas. We have experience for over 26 years in mining project and we are still focusing in developing our core of competency in mining project in order to be able to compete in Globalization market.Ai??To compete with other similar companies, we have built a strong commitment toward customerai??i??s requirements by following International Standard related to the nature of business. Since 2009, Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Health & Safety Management (OHSAS 18001:2007) were implemented to achieve this commitment. In 2012, we have certified by ASME for U and U2 stamp through Epiterma Mas Konstruksi (subsidiary company of Epiterma Mas Indonesia)

Our engineers have qualifications in Civil, Structural and Mechanical. It is covering all aspects of project development, from concept generation until installation. The engineers are supported by team of qualified drafters, fully equipped fabrication workshops, experienced administration staffs and experience team of managers.
Commitment, professionalism, continual improvement, qualified workers and well equipped workshops allow EPITERMA to have large capability for more complex project and increasing ability to meet demanding time and quality

Our Company Vision

To become World-Class Mining Construction company

Our Company Mission

To fulfill customerai??i??s requirements with high Quality To provide commitment for continual improvement in all aspects of capability, skill, competency and employeeai??i??s quality of life

Our Company Objective
  • To achieve Zero accident
  • To increase compliance to legal requirement and others to 100%
  • To satisfy client by providing the highest quality and value
  • To grow and develop by using companyai??i??s strength and competencies
  • To develop innovative and useful service and solution
  • To be able to compete in Globalization market by delivering innovative and useful service and solution
  • To get customers respect and loyalty